Wednesday, 2 January 2013

2012: My Top 17 Pop Moments

17. "Kickin' with your bitch who come from Parisian"

16. "All the other girls they say you're full of it"

15. "Kiss me hard before you go"

14. "You can't help it and I don't care"

13. "Set the cheetahs on the loose"

12. "It's much better if you add in some poetry"

11. "We'll never be afraid again"

10. "Shout to all my lost boys"

9. "Let me turn your rain into sun"

8. "So you'd better watch your back"

7. "Now I'm lying on the cold hard ground"

6. "Why the sudden change?"

5. "I'm a lucky ducky getting mad shit for free"

4. "Looking for some trouble tonight"

3. "Got on my buttercream silk shirt and it's Versace"

2. "When I'm bangin' on the radio"

1. "I'm not the one that you should be making your enemy"